This is How Lovely Places Work

Luke and Dad brunchThat’s you. There’s Kaylee. A weathered, but happy dog hangs from your hand like an extension that’s so natural it no longer requires thought. The dog is now Luke. Luke is the dog.  [Read more…]


Faith that Moves Sons


I crouched over Tia as she tugged effortlessly at Mommy’s milk station, the nightly ritual that lulls Kaylee to sleep. My hand gently twirled her locks of hair as I prayed over my baby girl. Luke, little 2 1/2 year old first born Luke, walked over and put his hand on his sister’s stomach. [Read more…]


Tiny Roots

There are no words for perfect beauty.

Only… [Read more…]


God Wants You to Lead Courageously

imageThere’s something special about an older brother who watches out for his sister. Just the other day, your sister ambled toward the road in front of our house, and little two-year-old you yelled with a sense of urgency, “No Tia! No!” [Read more…]


That Smile and the Little Dog That Leads It

Luke huge smile

That smile says it all. You are Daddy’s best friend, buddy. And here you are, with your adorable dog Lucky, who you call “mMm, mMm,” the cute barking noise you make from the top of your throat.

My little leader in Christ. [Read more…]


The Alabaster Jar


You’ll know a wise man by what he spends his money on.

Some of those at the table were indignant. “Why waste such expensive perfume?” they asked. “It could have been sold for a year’s wages and the money given to the poor!” So they scolded her harshly. But Jesus replied, “Leave her alone. Why criticize her for doing such a good thing to me? You will always have the poor among you… but you will not always have me.”  (Mark 14.4-5)

 A gift to God will often look extravagant, even careless. In this case, it was everything. In this way, church leaders often prioritize offerings to Jesus in different ministries or outreaches. They do it without guarantee of a controlled outcome or result. This is called faith.

Perhaps the greatest faith can be found in what we do with our money.

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