About My Son’s First Bible

PicsArt_1396641923667Everybody reads to their kids, right?

That’s what this blog is about, I suppose. On steroids. When my son was T-minus three weeks and counting, I came up with the idea of reading him the Bible and recording it for him to keep. On the day of his birth, I read him his first passage. On his first birthday, we read the last passage of his very own Bible.

My son read through the entire Bible by the time he was one. Sort of.

20140423_101957The best part is that he now has an audio version of the Bible narrated by his father during his first year of life. It has personal notes to him of the incredible, dashing, and devastating, godly advice on being a man from his father, and the right splash of imaginative narration to bring the Bible to life for the little guy. But it is all the Word of God.

It began here two and a half years ago, and the mission has since expanded on

Since I have read and narrated my son’s own personal audio BibleĀ for him, I’m now blogging personal devotionals that further bring each message to life. With enough truth and wit that hopefully it will speak into your life as much as it speaks into his.

PicsArt_1395956414056_20140327174130949Would you consider joining us?

We welcome your heart, friendship, and comraderie, your comments and wisdom; we welcome your engagement as we take this journey into God’s Word and life one step at a time. They will be my son’s first steps of both.

In the coming year, consider the call to come alongside us in your journey. It will be adventurous, fun, lively, and personal. And it will all be the Word of God. We can make this journey together. And maybe, just maybe, our world will be a better and more beautiful place when we reach the finish.

That is my hope for my son.